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Beach Barbacoa: A Pig Roast in Puerto Escondido

Our intrepid photographer recently attended a music festival in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, and on the last evening of the event, local barbacoa experts Beto and Rosalino prepared an entire pig for all the guests to share.

Continue »

Den: Sake Central

Den is either a really cool sake bar that serves amazing oden, or an oden-ya that has a fabulous sake list. Either way, it’s a great place to taste the best sake from around Japan and devour perfect oden that’s made to order in the little kitchen behind the noren curtain. Continue »

Catalan Cheese, Part 2: The 80s Remix

In the first part of our series on Catalan cheeses, we wrote about very old traditions – going as far back as the Middle Ages and perhaps even further – including the practice of transhumance by shepherds in the Pyrenees. Continue »

CB on the Road: Seafood in Nea Artaki

Chalkida, the small peninsula on central Evia (Euboea) just an hour’s drive from Athens, is an ideal day trip destination for urbanites. Continue »

Jade Garden: Get in Line

Planning dim sum with friends at Jade Garden might require “Save the Date” cards: the flagship restaurant of Hong Kong’s Maxim’s group is the hottest table in town and – at the time of printing – the next available reservation is six months away. Continue »

São Paulo
Biyou’Z: African Roots

Melanito Biyouha’s restaurant in São Paulo’s gritty Centro is a social sort of place. The salmon-pink dining room opens to the street, inviting passers-by to stop, bate-papo, talk football and grab a cold drink from the fridge. Continue »

Comida di Buteco 2015: Bar Fight

Rio’s flying high after last year’s thrilling World Cup and with the Olympics just on the horizon. And this year, the city celebrates its 450th anniversary. Continue »

Lo Pinyol: Book Club

Bars and literature are like bees and flowers: two separate worlds linked to each other through a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. Continue »

Let the Sun Shine: Shanghai's Top 5 Alfresco Chinese Restaurants

As soon as spring has sprung, Shanghai’s expat population flocks to the many patios, rooftops and terraces of the city’s dining establishments to eat and drink, but finding a Chinese restaurant with an outdoor space, especially one in the sun, can be difficult. Continue »

Şeyhmus Kebab: The Rhythm of the Knife

We’ve committed a lot of space on this blog to identifying the taste, smell and sight of a seriously good kebab, but it was not until we sat in Şeyhmus Kebap Evi (on a tip from chef Gencay over at Meze) that we came to know what delicious kebab actually sounds like. Continue »

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