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Chaotic Holidays to You: The Dezertirebi Bazaar

While much of the West celebrates Christmas in an orgy of shopping for presents that climaxes after a single dinner, Georgians commemorate the season with a 30-day binge of feasts that pretty much begins on December 17, Saint Barbara’s Day (Barbaroba), and peters out by January 19, the Orthodox Epiphany (Natlisgeba). Continue »

El Pochote: Land to Table

Oaxaca has become one of our favorite food destinations in Mexico. A few weeks ago we visited the city again, but this time it wasn’t the moles or the decadent regional food that caught our attention, but an organic market where we had a delicious breakfast one morning. Continue »

Junta Local: New Market on the Block

Rio de Janeiro didn’t need to be told to host colorful outdoor fresh food markets. The feira is a carioca tradition, with wooden booths going up overnight at their weekly locales and filled with wares so standard any local could recite for you off his head what you can and can’t find there. Continue »

Ask CB: Shanghai Wet Markets?

Dear Culinary Backstreets,
I’ve heard about “wet markets,” but what are they exactly? And where can I find the best wet markets in Shanghai?
Continue »

Mexico City
Mercado San Juan Arcos de Belén: Produce to the People

Having been divvied up and overshadowed and even having come back from a nasty fire, the Mercado San Juan Arcos de Belén, also known as San Juan Salto del Agua, has hung on tight as a staple market in Mexico City’s downtown. Continue »

Mexico City
El Parrillón: Gaucho Tacos

Tacos are everywhere in Mexico City, and though the options are many – chicken, al pastor, carnitas, carne asada – the basic ingredients tend to be the same wherever you go. That’s why, as we were walking the aisles of Tianguis La Raza on a Sunday morning, El Parrillón caught our attention. Continue »

CADEG: 24-Hour Market People

Foreigners tend to see Rio as stretching from the Christ statue to the beachside neighborhoods, from Copacabana to São Conrado; the rest of the city just provides passage to the Atlantic. Continue »

Mexico City
Ask CB: What Are Aguas Frescas?

Dear Culinary Backstreets,
I’ve heard about drinks in Mexico called “aguas frescas,” but what exactly are they? Continue »

Els Encants: Flea Market Finds

Els Encants is the kind of magical, exciting market where we arrive having in mind exactly what we need, but after a few hours immersed among objects and voices, we emerge with a bag full of items we never knew we needed or that we could even find. Continue »

Mercat del Ninot: Rebound Market

El Mercat del Ninot opened way back in 1894, but recent renovations have breathed new life into this L’Eixample market. Continue »

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