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Mexico City
El Pozole de Moctezuma: Soup of the Gods

Editor’s note: We’re celebrating Soup Week at Culinary Backstreets, and today’s installment takes us to Mexico City, to an eatery whose specialty is hearty Guerrero-style pozole. Continue »

To Koutouki tou Marathoniti: Underground Chops

Mets is undeniably one of central Athens’ prettiest neighborhoods, a mostly residential area filled with a mix of neoclassical houses, Bauhaus architecture and 1960s-era buildings that is also home to the city’s historic First Cemetery. Legend has it that the neighborhood was named after a beer parlor that was in turn named after the city of Metz in northeastern France. Continue »

Red Elephant: Move Over, Souvlaki

The first wave of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants arrived in Athens in the early 2000s, bringing a new eating culture with them. This was a time of prosperity in Greece and consequently the first South Asian restaurants, such as the now-defunct Pak Indian, were welcomed with open arms by Greeks who were willing to experiment. It helped that an enormous number of young Greeks had studied abroad in the 1990s and early 2000s, mainly in the United Kingdom, where they were introduced to the cuisine of the Subcontinent. Continue »

Mexico City
In Praise of the Fonda, Mexico’s Mom & Pop Restaurant

Editor’s note: This feature by CB’s Mexico City correspondent Ben Herrera takes a look at Mexican fondas, inspired by his own experience growing up in one of these family-run neighborhood restaurants.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved mornings, a preference that likely – perhaps counterintuitively – originates from my experience working bright and early at my parents’ fonda. Continue »

To Petalo: All-You-Can-Eat Authenticity

Editor’s note: We’re sad to report that To Petalo is now closed.  Continue »

Çakmak: Breakfast of Şampiyons

When it comes to the first meal of the day in Beşiktaş, it’s hard to pass up the institution that Pando’s lovely old kaymak shop has become. Yet as much as Pando is the neighborhood’s culinary standard-bearer, there is another side of breakfast in Beşiktaş that feels more contemporary, more real and – somehow – even more “Beşiktaş.” After being tipped off long ago, we have finally come to appreciate the simple charms of Çakmak Kahvaltı Salonu and, by extension, more about this interesting neighborhood. Continue »

New York Sandwiches: The Greek Diner Comes Home

(Editor’s Note: A recent visit here found that standards have slipped to an unacceptable level. For now, we are suggesting that diners avoid the restaurant.)

The perfect burger, or rather the perfect American-style greasy spoon, has long been the holy grail of expats and locals in Athens. There have been a number of places that have gone after the title of the Athenian burger king over the past 30 years, usually in the affluent southern suburb of Glyfada, home to a U.S. military base in the 1980s, but none have had lasting power. The military base has been closed for some time now but the appetite for American diner-style food (the kind popularized in what have traditionally been Greek-owned diners) has not abated in the least. Continue »

To Mavro Provato: Raising the Bar on Meze

There is something magical about the area where To Mavro Provato is located, near the rather mysterious Proskopon Square in Pagrati. The square itself, hidden behind Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue, is usually dark even in the daytime thanks to the tall shady trees that fill it. Continue »

Therapeftirio: Diner, Heal Thyself

The literal translation for Therapeftiriο is “sanatorium,” which in this case refers not to what this restaurant might have once been but rather to the ancient Greek belief that having a good time by eating good food and drinking good wine can cure your troubles. It’s an old-fashioned name in an old-fashioned neighborhood that is fast becoming a hipster area. Continue »

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