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Dionysus Returns: The Greek Wine Revival

There’s been a revolution taking place in Greece over the last couple of decades, and it doesn’t have much to do with the political and economic turbulence troubling the country – it’s all about wine. Continue »

Mexico City
Chiles en Nogada: The Taste of Independence

Mexicans can mark their calendars by what they’re eating: moles for weddings, pan de muerto for Day of the Dead, lomo and codfish for Christmas and chiles en nogada for Independence Day.

Continue »

CB on the Road: Sun, Sand and Seafood in Barra de Guaratiba

Cariocas are doubly lucky. They live in a city bursting with natural beauty even in its concrete corners, where wide red and waxy abricó-de-macaco flowers grow in crowded plazas and you’re liable to have an overly ripe and spikey jacá fruit fall on your head as you rush to an appointment. Continue »

CADEG: 24-Hour Market People

Foreigners tend to see Rio as stretching from the Christ statue to the beachside neighborhoods, from Copacabana to São Conrado; the rest of the city just provides passage to the Atlantic. Continue »

CB on the Road: A Food Lover's Guide to Andros

Some islands, Mykonos and Santorini for example, are known for their temples of gastronomy. Others, like Tinos, Milos, Syros and Sifnos, possess solid reputations for uniformly excellent tavernas. Continue »

Pintxos: Basque Bites

Oriol’s face lights up whenever a customer selects his favorite pintxo from one of the 49 different trays, beautifully displayed at Euskal Etxea, the bar where he works and the first bar in Barcelona to serve traditional Basque pintxos. Continue »

Mexico City
Ask CB: What Are Aguas Frescas?

Dear Culinary Backstreets,
I’ve heard about drinks in Mexico called “aguas frescas,” but what exactly are they? Continue »

Mexico City
Paletas and Raspados: Cooling Down in Mexico City

Editor’s note: It’s Cool Treats Week at Culinary Backstreets, and for our next installment, we head to the D.F., where chilangos not only enjoy a wide variety of ice cream, but also get some respite from the heat with popsicles and shaved ice. Continue »

Tokyo: State of the Stomach 2015

Several years ago, when the Michelin Guide decided to swoop into Japan and rate its cuisine, restaurateurs were slightly shell-shocked to learn that Japan came away with almost as many highly regarded establishments as France. Continue »

Muslim Market: Western Exposure

Food lovers mourned the loss of Shanghai’s Muslim market when it packed up its stalls a couple of years back, but the closure wasn’t too unexpected. Continue »

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