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Drink Like a Local: To Stand or Sit in Azabu Juban?

Editor’s note: This is a new installment in an occasional series about where to wet your whistle in true Tokyo style.

Every Tokyo neighborhood has its standing bars, usually near the train station. Azabu Juban’s most popular, Juban Stand, is located on a backstreet running parallel to the shoten gai shopping street. Continue »

Mexico City
CB on the Road: Striking Culinary Gold in Zacatecas

Although, thanks to its once flourishing silver and gold mines, the north-central Mexican state of Zacatecas was an economic powerhouse during the colonial period and the early years of the Mexican republic, its cuisine is not as well known in Mexico City as that of states such as Oaxaca and Michoacán. Continue »

Bar do Alto: Return to Babylon

You get to Bar do Alto by taking a zippy mototaxi up the snaking streets of the Babilônia favela and then walking 10 minutes up jagged staircases that eventually bear right. On the route, you’ll pass by slices of life that make favelas a museum of Rio, where the city’s symbols and icons are on display in the bare and human way that’s made possible by close quarters of self-made dwellings. Continue »

Aconchego Carioca: Pretension-Free Zone

The Praça da Bandeira, an area of Rio that until recent years was mostly known for prostitution and cheap inner-city housing, is rapidly changing. Continue »

Comida di Buteco 2015: Bar Fight

Rio’s flying high after last year’s thrilling World Cup and with the Olympics just on the horizon. And this year, the city celebrates its 450th anniversary. Continue »

Hipódromo: This Charming Man

The coolest, most beautiful young cariocas spend their nights at Hipódromo – as well as its equally famous neighbor, Braseiro da Gávea – drinking, eating and flirting. Continue »

Canastra: The Wine Bar from Ipanema

It’s hard to find a “backstreet” in Ipanema, Rio’s pricey, posh epicenter of tourism, where real estate is prime and snack bars charge twice the price of grubbier places elsewhere. Continue »

Leche de Pantera: Revenge of the Pink Panther

It’s one of those culinary mysteries worthy of a good detective: namely, how did a drink the color of Pepto-Bismol become one of Barcelona’s most iconic libations? Continue »

La Cova Fumada: The Bomb Squad

Opened in 1944, La Cova Fumada (“The Smoked Cave”) is one of the most beloved gastronomic icons in Barcelona’s port area. Every day, people from all over the city come here to enjoy the powerful charms of the smell of fried fish, the spicy bite of their original “potato bombs” and the warmth of the familiar, old-school atmosphere. Continue »

Botto Bar: Bromancing the Taps

It sounds like material ripe for a bromance film: four college students – all childhood buddies – take an epic road trip together in the 1990s during Carnival to a Rio beach town and rent a separate truck just to transport their 800 bottles of beer. Continue »

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