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Primeira Pá: Chinese, Made in Brazil

For a country of Brazil’s size (pop. 190 million), the number of foreigners in the country is pretty miniscule. Less than one percent of the country’s residents are foreign born; the top countries of origin for those foreigners are the US, Japan and Paraguay. Continue »

Hizmet Kardeşler: Little Gaziantep in Istanbul

The T1 tramway route passes by virtually all of Istanbul’s most well-known sights. Crossing the Galata Bridge and weaving through the old city, the T1 practically rubs up against the Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, the Grand Bazaar and other famous attractions, ensuring that most foreign visitors to the city will ride this tram within a five-stop radius. Continue »

Mexico City
Fonda Mi Lupita: Holy Mole

We’ve written about mole before, but it’s possible that there aren’t enough words to spill on such a complex dish – probably the most complex in all of Mexican cuisine. Continue »

Cape Town
Kalky’s: Fried Fish Paradise

Fresh fish caught daily in the icy Atlantic Ocean – this is the key to the longtime success of Kalky’s, the original fish and chips restaurant in the seaside village of Kalk Bay, one of South Africa’s oldest working harbors. Continue »

Country Dining: The Catalan Masía

As in many other rural parts of Europe, the Catalonia countryside is dotted with large, old farmhouses, legacies of feudalism which have since been converted into hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants. Continue »

Breakfast in Beirut, Part 1: Abu Hassan

Breakfast in Beirut can be a lavish affair and would make even the Ottoman sultans of old jealous. Although Beirut is known as a 24-hour city, with a lively nightlife scene fused with an endless amount of social gatherings, people still find time to enjoy a long morning meal with loved ones on weekend mornings. Continue »

Mexico City
Ask CB: What Are Aguas Frescas?

Dear Culinary Backstreets,
I’ve heard about drinks in Mexico called “aguas frescas,” but what exactly are they? Continue »

Kelle: Face Off

Don’t people just love to fight about food? Punch ups over which city makes the best pizza, brawls about what’s the right way to barbecue. Louis and Ella nearly called the whole thing off over the pronunciation of the word “tomato.” Continue »

The Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index: Can You Measure Good Taste?

Back in 2012 when Culinary Backstreets still had that new car smell, we wrote our first article on xiaolongbao. The investigative report detailed the bun’s regional variations – Shanghai versus Nanjing – and called out our two favorite places to eat each city’s specialty soup dumplings. Continue »

Gontran Cherrier Shibuya: Sweet Dreams

It’s a common fantasy: accidently locked in a bakery, forgotten overnight, we quickly eat everything in sight and fall into a sugary, carb-filled dream of sweet-spun bliss. Sequestered away where nobody will find us until morning, we wake from time to time and continue to eat cakes until we sleep again. Continue »

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