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Rio’s First Gastro Bloco: Making Delicious Carnival History

For Carnival in Rio, new blocos, or free street parties, are born every year when creative friends put their heads together to dream up a theme and a combination of musicians that will tempt partygoers for a magical few hours. Continue »

Auspicious Eating: Ringing in the Year of the Sheep

As the moon starts to wane each January, people throughout China frantically snatch up train and bus tickets, eager to start the return journey to their hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year (春节, chūnjié) with their family. Continue »

Can Manel: A Winter's Table

We don’t mind winter in Catalonia because it means the return of calçots, our beloved spring onions, and calçotadas, the wonderful celebrations that bring people together to eat them. Continue »

Lakerda: Istanbul's Salty, Fishy Soul

The fatty torik – the Turkish name for a large, mature Atlantic bonito, similar to the little tunny – courses the straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles for just a short period each year in November and December. Continue »

Levantine São Paulo: A New Start in the New World

If stepping foot in Brazil doesn’t make your taste buds start tingling in anticipation of kibes (bulger wheat croquettes), esfihas (thin meat and cheese pastries), tangy molho arabe and hummus, it’s because you haven’t studied up properly on the rich history of Arab migration to Brazil –  Continue »

First Stop: Fuchsia Dunlop's Shanghai

Editor’s note: For the latest installment in our series First Stop, we asked Fuchsia Dunlop where she stops first for food when she heads to Shanghai. Continue »

Kushiwakamaru: Skewered and Pickled

Traveling out to the Nakameguro district from central Tokyo is similar to a trip from midtown Manhattan to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s not that far and there are many amusing and delicious reasons to go. Continue »

Café do Alto: The Full Brazilian

Until a few years ago, breakfast eateries were not very common in Rio. Cariocas would have breakfast at home or at a bakery, while tourists had to make do with the always-boring “Continental breakfast” offered at hotels. But thankfully, everything has changed. Continue »

Leche de Pantera: Revenge of the Pink Panther

It’s one of those culinary mysteries worthy of a good detective: namely, how did a drink the color of Pepto-Bismol become one of Barcelona’s most iconic libations? Continue »

Dwarf’s Pastries: Little Bites, Big Flavor

Shouning Lu is known as Crawfish Street, with street food vendors often stewing, grilling and frying up the same seafood dishes up and down the one-block stretch. But there’s one land-lubbing vendor that has carved out a niche for itself: Ǎizi Xiànbǐng (矮子馅饼), or Dwarf’s Pastries. Continue »

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